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Landed Homes
The Singaporean Dream

In land-scarce Singapore, owning a landed property is considered owning prized assets and the housing equivalent of reaching the higher echelons of the society. Only about 5.1% of Singaporeans live in Landed Properties.

Having a title deed in your name to a piece of land in Singapore, especially those with freehold tenure, is mainly driven by a dream often associated with status, prestige and exclusivity of being a landed home owner. This is the ultimate dream of most Singaporeans.

As Singapore intends to grow its population to the estimated 6.9m in the foreseeable future, it will be inevitable that the authority start optimising and intensifying the land use, resulting in the declining proportion of landed homes in Singapore, thus adding on to its appeal.

It’s estimated that there’re only approximately 73,150 landed properties in Singapore.

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Your Land. Your Home.